My 8 Favorite Products for Surviving Pregnancy

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey

Pregnancy is TOUGH. There is so much our body goes through as it shifts and changes to grow a new human being. It takes a lot out of you, physically, and emotionally. We need all the help we can get so we can make it through 9 months.

Here are some products and things that helped me survive my pregnancy with baby #2 (AKA: Little Mister).

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Unisom Sleep Tabs

For the first few months, Unisom was a lifesaver! It helps so much with morning sickness, and as a plus, it knocks you out so you get a good night’s sleep. I only take half a pill and it makes the morning sickness bearable. The days I don’t take it, I am puking.

Find it HERE
or a generic version (works the same, just cheaper!)

Maternity Leggings

I got mine at Ross during my first pregnancy with Squishy. They are amazing because they are stretchy, plain so they go with everything, and they are very comfortable. I have found myself wearing them more than any other bottoms this pregnancy.


I discovered this stuff a little late, but I wish I had it since the beginning of my pregnancy. The price made it so I needed some convincing before I decided it was worth a try. It is pricey, but it is sooo so worth it. It smells amazing, and really does an amazing job at preventing stretch marks, and healing the skin that is already damaged from them. I also love to use it as a face moisturizer. It is light, smells AMAZING, and makes my skin feel amazing as well! Since it has been so wonderful, I use it to give my toddler (Squishy) a little face massage every night. She loves it, and her face is always super soft!

Find it HERE (Amazon link, and you can also find it in Walmart stores)

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey

Chiropractor/Physical Therapist

Not exactly a product, but without going to visit the physical medicine clinic at least 1x a week, I would probably be a million times more uncomfortable. The place I visit it a Chiropractor and Physical Therapy Clinic rolled into one. So I do exercises there, get a massage, and then get an adjustment from the chiropractor. It’s relaxing and I am sure helps my body work the best it can.

Mommy Brace/Pregnancy Support/Maternity Belly Band/Maternity Belt

This is a product that was given to me by my chiropractor. It helps support my stomach and my lower back. I struggle to wear it often because of the crazy West Virginia heat, but it does an amazing job at supporting both. My lower back is in crazy pain most of the time, and it really helps to relieve it when I need to get something done.

Here is something similar to the one I received from my chiropractor.

Target Maternity T-Shirts

I have been SO lucky that the maternity V-necks have been on sale for most of my pregnancy. I have been able to find them for $10, sometimes even $6. They are simple, comfortable, and go with most anything. Extra points that they are still cute, flattering, and comfortable after pregnancy as well. Because heaven knows we need all the comfortable and flattering things in those first few months after having a baby.

Find the shirts I love HERE

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey

Pregnancy Pillow

I thought I could get through my pregnancy with just a body pillow like I did with Squishy. Would I have survived without one, yes… but thanks to a friend that lent me hers (pregnancy pillow), I am now in heaven. I had no idea what I was missing. Rolling over was always awful with blankets, shuffling my pillows, and switching the body pillow to the other side… but a pregnancy pillow is all of the pillows that you could possibly need in one, so your only job is to roll over. It supports everything and is so comfortable. I have had the best sleep of my pregnancy in the last week because of this pillow.

This is similar to the one I use.

Prenatal Vitamins

I went through so many different kinds of prenatal vitamins this pregnancy. I had the Walmart generic vitamins, I found a brand of gummies, and I got the drink prenatals from PreMama Wellness. They all weren’t for me and tended to make my nausea worse, or they just simply tasted awful. My favorite brand, that has been gentle on my stomach is the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal vitamins. Just keep in mind that instead of only taking one 1x a day, you have to take one 3x a day. It also does not come with DHA, so I have to take a separate pill for that as well. Since it is such a great product and works well with my body, I really don’t mind. All of the vitamins come from real fruits and vegetables, which maybe doesn’t make a difference, but I like to think that means it is way better for me too.

Find the prenatal vitamins that I use HERE 

I hope these items help you if you are expecting (congratulations BTW), or help your wife/friend/loved one. Some of these things would also make fantastic gifts for someone expecting (or at least offer to lend them yours).

What are/were your favorite products during pregnancy? Anything you could not live without? Anything that you got that was completely unnecessary or you just didn’t love like you thought you would?

I look forward to your comments!

~Everyday Joey~

Bio-Oil - Target - My 8 Favorite Products for Pregnancy - Everyday Joey


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