The Recents (an Update on Life)

Figured I would update you all a bit.

Chubby Baby

Sorry I have not been here much. BUT. HUSBAND IS FINALLY BACK!!!! He finished up the semester, and now we are on track to apply for dental school, go to Japan (this summer) and other things. FINALLY.

Basically, my life has been occupied with him, baby, family, and baby. Squishy is growing up so fast! She eats rice cereal, multigrain, carrots, and butternut squash. She giggles more often now. And recently she has found that she likes screaming. Like happy screaming (most of the time). She thinks she can speak dolphin. I am just worried about what all that happy screaming is going to be like when we go to church Easter Sunday -_-

 I have found that the Oball products are some of my favorites. They are so easy for her to grab, and they are perfect little rattles. She also loves sticking her tongue into every. Single. Hole. (what a weirdo).

Oball - Baby Toys

She loves baby chicks, baby ducks, and basically all animals. Right after this video, I had to put away the duckling, and she got so mad. She wanted to keep petting it.

She is so fat, her legs can’t fit through the bumbo seat. We sort of have to push her down in there, and then when we go to take her out, we have to pop out her legs, and then pick her up. Otherwise, the chair would come with.

I am trying to get more stuff up on the YouTube channel. iMovie stopped working for me on my computer, so I got a new (although still cheap) program. Going to see if siblings can help me create some new content (most likely music and dorky dance moves will be involved).

Prison Break is back! I stayed up late one night to watch the first episode with husband, and I fell asleep. I WAS SO TIRED! Somehow it is more tiring to have Husband here than it is to take care of Baby by myself all night. Maybe it is just having another person to worry about and take care of or something.

Bones is over :( I loved that show, and I am so sad it is over, although it did end very well. I guess I will have to find another awesome crime show to occupy my time. Any recommendations?

Going jeans shopping is tough. Pregnancy really does affect your body. I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight super fast, but my hips did not return to normal size… So I went up a few pants sizes. It was rough to get over, but after going jeans shopping, and finding pants that actually fit (and didn’t create that awful muffin top) was pretty great.

Drawing has also been fun, and I have been doing TONS <3 <3 I love it! It is fun and relaxing, and it is great seeing what creations come out onto my iPad.

Drawing - Art - Everyday Joey

Drawing - Alien - Everyday Joey

Robot - Drawing - Everyday Joey

Messy Bun - Drawing - Everyday Joey

Drawing - Everyday Joey

The Nose - Everyday Joey

Goldilocks - Everyday Joey

  So how about you guys, anything to update me on? Any ideas of what you want to see for YouTube videos or even blog posts? Also, any tips for taming a screaming-for-fun 4-month-old (almost 5 months - EEK)?

Everyday Joey


  1. makesbakesanddecorApril 24, 2017 at 3:07 AM

    Your baby girl is gorgeous! Those eyes! They grow up so fast, it's not fair. My little boy starts school in September! I just don't know where the time went. I love your sketches, so cute!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  2. Thank you! Yeah they grow up too fast!!


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