10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

It has been a while since I have put together a list of what makes me happy - probably before the birth of my little monkey. Hopefully, I stick to doing this once a week at least, but we will see. Life has a way of throwing all sorts of distractions and chaos our way.

  1. My Little One - She was a handful at first, and has taken some time to get used to. But now, I have no idea what I would do without her cute talking and smile to wake me up in the morning. It makes me so happy to see her. She is amazing.

  2. Breakfast Essentials - Without this powder stuff (and milk) I would probably be dead. It is impossible for me to eat a meal most of the day, so I survive off of these. Doesn’t help it just tastes like chocolate milk.

  3. Gilmore Girls - Without them, I would not be able to stay awake for midnight/3am feedings. And this show makes me happy. So happy. I hope baby and I are like them someday.

  4. AnyTrans computer program - This one is HUGE for me right now. My phone (because of baby) is fulllllll of photos and videos. I am constantly trying to create space on my phone so I can take even more, but no matter what the space is always full. And since I have Apple products, I am kinda stuck on their system (which has really started to annoy me). Almost all of my photos are stuck on ICloud (over 10,000 photos), and it is impossible to take them off unless you do it one by one. But this program was able to get those photos for me and free up over half the space on my iPhone. YAY! MORE PICTURES OF BABY!!!! (The important things in life)

  5. Technology - It amazes me how much technology has improved in my lifetime. It is so easy to access information and learn things. I can study Japanese from multiple websites online, and I can write a blog, watch videos almost anywhere… it’s amazing.

  6. Blankets - All week, I have been walking around with the blanket. I don’t know about you, but I think that always being warm, especially while covered with a huge, soft blanket - is one of the best feelings ever.

  7. Baby Swings - I would not have been able to survive Daylight Savings without one.

  8. FaceTime - I wouldn’t be able to see my husbands face with just a phone call. It is nice that his cute smile is just a phone call away when I (or baby) need it.

  9. Peppermint Oil - I have a HUGE fear of spiders, and just the other day, I found a HUGE one on my bed. After its death, I have been spraying my room down with peppermint oil water whenever I get the chance (it’s supposed to repel spiders). I have seen NONE so far! *happy dance*

  10. Costco - They have cheap baby formula, and samples, and yummy pizza, and just lots of cool stuff.

What are some things that made YOU happy this week?

~Everyday Joey~


  1. Hey sweetie :)

    I hope you had a lovely weekend and we're able to FaceTime plenty with your hubby. Isn't it pretty incredible when you thought life was perfect before your little one was born, and now life is unimaginable without her in it? :)

    I'm totally with you on all of the pictures on your phone. I specifically bought this phone I have now that has much more storage space than my previous iPhone, and somehow, I'm still widdling away the space with photos galore.

    Have a great week my friend. ;-) xo

  2. Hey!

    My weekend was amazing - and I was able to FaceTime tons with Husband. It is so incredible how much life can change from what you thought was perfect before, and it can still be perfect - or even more perfect than before :) I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    I am so tempted to get the new Google Pixel phone, because it has unlimited photo storage. But i'm not willing to throw down nearly a thousand for a phone... Someday maybe I will find a cheap used one.

  3. Uhm, I did NOT know that peppermint oil is a natural spider repellant (GOOD to know!!!).

    I think I'm the only person in the world who has never seen Gilmore Girls. I KNOW!! I'll have to get on that. I have always loved the name Lorelei and I'm watching (and drooling) over Milo in this season of This Is Us (are you watching that one??).

    Loved learning more about you and popping in here today :) Hope your week is off to a great start! XO

  4. i spent days binging on gilmore girls. it is not a show i love. lorelei annoys the crap out of me, and i'm not much a fan of rory, either, BUT i can totally appreciate the bond those two share and see why you'd want your relationship with your child to be like that. i do like kelly bishop's character, though. and there are episodes in which matt czuchry stars that i LOVE. jesse and luke, though... those two are the best things on that program.

  5. I walk around with blankets all the time like it's a cape! I am always cold!
    I also have a huge fear of spiders. I've trained my dog to kill them if they're on the floor. He'll pounce on them! it's hilarious. I never knew that peppermint oil did that! Thank you so much for that tip! spring is here and that's when they start crawling out - EEEEEKS!
    I'll have to look up this AnyTrans - our ICloud is full and we just bought a new computer because both of ours are dying slow deaths. All of our photos are stuck somewhere. Nightmare!

  6. It is so goo, so you should totally watch it ;) and I LOVE This is Us!!! I bawl every episode, it's so good.
    And so far my week is going great! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I agree, Jesse and Luke are the best. I definitely have to take breaks every once and a while, and then binge on it for a while. It's a cycle. I haven't finished the whole show yet, so we will see how I feel about it then ;)

  8. I need to get a dog and train them to do that! Part of me always dies inside when I leave to find a cup of jar and come back to find the big hairy spider gone...

    You can access iCloud online if you didn't know that. Just iCloud.com but still has the same awful problem of not being able to download alllll the pictures, just one by one. AnyTrans is amazing.

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