Uncontrollable Laughter

Have you ever laughed really really hard,  that you can’t control yourself and you can’t stop?

Then when you finally stop, you look at your friend you are laughing with and you burst out laughing all over again.

When I was a kid it always happened to me at times when I was supposed to be quiet. During class, during a presentation, during a prayer. I would hold my breath and try to get the next outburst of laughter to stop (or at least wait until I got to a more appropriate place) and it would never hold in quite long enough, and it would instead come out in a gigantic snort/laugh/giggle/gasp for air.

I love laughing like that. Although it is awkward, and sometimes incredibly inappropriate. For example: during class, during a presentation, and during prayer (reason 4,882,673 why I am surprised I am not cast down to hell yet).

As you get older, it seems these moments happen less and less, but luckily - they still do (at least with me).

There are times when Husband and I are laying in bed, and I say something I think is really funny, maybe Husband just weakly laughs at it, but then I somehow cannot stop laughing. My laughter makes him laugh, and then I stop, our breathing steadies, but then I start laughing again. This can go on for 20 minutes in a pitch black room, and Husband starts telling me to stop laughing between laughs. Our sides hurt, and we are out of breath from laughing so hard. But I. still. can’t. stop.

I love Husband’s laugh. It is kinda rare to hear it but to hear it happening so much, and almost this fear behind his voice of not being able to control it, and like he doesn’t know what crazy laughing demon has possessed his body… makes me giggle more.

It’s hard for me to stop in these times, partly because just a little thought gets me laughing again… but also because I am SO happy, and I know he is so happy that I don’t want the moment to stop.

Honestly, I think the only way I stop laughing when this happens is when I fall asleep x_X

Uncontrollable laughter - Everyday Joey - www.everydayjoey.com

Sometimes I wonder how long I continue laughing after I have fallen asleep… Hopefully I don’t because that would be embarrassing...

Currently, Husband and I are miles apart as he finishes one class at college and I stay with family. Every day I miss moments like this and being able to see his smile (and sometimes, even my own).

Find something that makes you laugh that hard today, although embarrassing and awkward, and share that moment with someone. <3

~Everyday Joey~

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