October, a Month of the Color Black

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October is a month full of black.... or at least, I think black is a color that best represents October.

There are many obvious reasons:
The Black CatOctober - Black - Kitty - www.everydayjoey.com

The Witch

October - Witch - www.everydayjoey.com

Monsters lurking in closets…


Monster - October - www.everydayjoey.com


But to me there is so much more that is black - as well as significant to me in October.


Glenn’s hair in The Walking Dead-

I know I am really excited for the new season coming on sunday… also incredibly nervous about how it is going to turn out. Months is WAAAAAYYY too long to wait for the end of a cliffhanger like that. -_-

Not cool... not cool.


My Black Hair -

October - Black - www.everydayjoey.com

(or at least super super dark brown) .... I dyed my hair this last week, and I am loving it. Somehow dark dark brown/black is my favorite color for my hair (along with my blonde streaks). It just matches the color of my eyebrows better, and almost looks more natural. It has been a long time since I last dyed it, so I figured I might as well.



Just today we started up our gas stove in our home. We have been putting it off for the last two months… and were trying to hold off until Halloween, but it just got too cold to handle. I love heat from a fire, something about it is always fantastic. Even better, is heat from a natural wood-burning stove.


Burnt Food-

This always seems to be a natural result of doing more baking, and more baking always seems to be a natural result of it getting colder. In the last week, I have burned 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, and one pot of spaghetti (don’t do that, it’s nasty).



Besides mascara, eyeliner is one of my favorite beauty products. No eyeliner that I have ever owned has been that great. However, this month - thanks to having a ipsy subscription - I got a brand new, fancy, expensive (or at least more than I would ever pay for eyeliner - until now maybe) amazing eyeliner! (Ciate London's Fierce Flicks) I can’t get enough of it because it applies nicely, and doesn’t smear. Never have I owned one so fantastic.


What color do you think of when you think of October? OR anything black you can think of that is significant to you right now?


~Everyday Joey~


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  1. Hey, Joscelin!
    Halloween is coming up quickly! How are you, Kenji, and your family doing? Still using the cold and hot bags you gave me at TJCS! Work pretty well! Hope that all is well!
    From the Heart,
    Mr. M. Sasaki

  2. Mr. Sasaki!
    So happy and surprised to see you here! We are doing great, and expecting a baby coming at the end of November. Glad you still use those corn bags, and that they are still working for ya - if that ever changes, let us know, and we will need to send you some more. ;0) How are you and your beautiful wife doing? I hope all is well with you both. We should be living in Boise area for a couple months at the beginning of this year, and would love to get together with you guys for dinner or something!

    Love ya!

  3. Yahoo! That would be wonderful Joscelin! First of all congratulations on the new addition coming up. Our daughter will be having her baby girl on October 31! Celebrate this month and next month with you!!! We are doing fine and we love the colors of the leaves this time of year! Unfortunately they need to be raked up! Let us know when you are in town!!!
    From the Heart,
    Mr. Sasaki


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