Five of the BEST and WORST Things About Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is fun, but there are the pros and cons to it all. Here are some of the BEST, as well as the WORST things about being pregnant:

Best and Worst of Pregancy

The Worst Things

Heartburn, Acid Reflux

I have gone through 3 containers of TUMS and 2 containers of Zantac so far in this pregnancy… and I haven’t even had this baby yet. I get heartburn in the morning, and sometimes it makes it incredibly hard to sleep. I am always so tired - but of course acid reflux is worse when you are laying down. -_- Pickle juice seems to help, so we also go through pickles by the dozens.

Stretch Marks

Luckily my stomach is unmarked, buuuut, when I turn around my lower back and butt looks like a freaking zebra. Glad I don’t have to see it all the time like I would if it was on my stomach, but makes me a little depressed every time I go to check out my butt (because I do that sometimes - don’t judge).

Morning Sickness

Although it is mostly gone after the first trimester, it seems to come back for a week or so at a time randomly. Husband was making pepperonchino (sp?) yesterday (spaghetti noodles with bacon, oregano and garlic) and I thought I was going to hurl. It sounded good, but as soon as I smelled it… NOPE! NOPE NOPE! Poor guy. But he is lucky he only has to deal with it once and  awhile now, whereas the first trimester he had no idea (and neither did I) what to feed me that I would eat. Basically, I starved.

My Jeans

I can’t even try to put them on anymore. They get halfway up my thighs and I get mad because they somehow won’t go any farther. It’s not even worth trying without feeling bad about your growing body and the fact you have to wear leggings daily to look semi-clothed (or worse… a dress X_x hate those, unless its Sunday).

Pregnancy Brain

It is so real, and it sucks. I have forgotten little things, and sometimes even how to talk right. Husband has laughed at me a few times because I am bawling my head off since I cannot remember a simple thing. Standing up for myself in an argument is awful, because I can’t even remember the words to explain something simple, so I lock up, get mad, and pout. Luckily, husband is incredibly kind and takes the time to understand what the heck I mean, and give me tons of hugs while I cover his shoulder with snot and tears because of how often I forget how to speak English nowadays.

The BEST Things

Being Able to Wear Leggings Daily and it Being Acceptable

Although I am not a fan of leggings on a daily basis, I am pretty happy that it is at least semi-acceptable for a pregnant woman to wear leggings. Nothing else fits, so having some item of clothing (unlike jeans) that is super forgiving is the best thing, and it prevents a lot of tears. They are also incredibly comfortable, don’t cut into your stomach, and if you can find Maternity Leggings (I found some fantastic ones at Ross in St. Louis, Missouri)… they are even more comfortable and amazing.

Feeling the Baby's Kicks

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t ever like the feeling of being alone. Having the baby with me all the time, and feeling her squirming around in there is pretty fantastic, and helps get rid of that lonely feeling. Although it does hurt sometimes, especially when she decides to slug me in the bladder, or karate kick my ribs… it is really nice knowing she is always there, and she can’t escape spending time with me, or listening to me (unlike husband…*cough*). Also, if I am worried about her being too still, and I drink juice and lay down impatiently waiting for her to move… when she suddenly moves or squirms I get so happy and it brings me so much joy just to feel her little body full of life.

Pregnancy Cravings

Something nice about being pregnant, is that people are worried about you and cater a lot to your feelings and such because you are more sensitive, and you are growing a little human. When I have a craving, and I mention it - people don’t shrug it off so much as if I wasn’t pregnant, and instead find a way for me to get what I am craving. I hear a lot of “I can go get that for you” or “let’s go get that.” I mention that tacos sound good, and soon enough we are going to get tacos. The only problem is I have to have some self control and decide if it is a MUST, or if I can go without, or find an easy replacement at home to save money, and time (and not gain weight).


Both a good and a bad thing, but not bad enough to be on the bad list - BUT, good enough to be on the good list.

I enjoy the attention of being pregnant. I tend to get more compliments, people cater to my cravings, give me treats, give me gifts for future baby, my family all is super excited, and I get more hand-me-downs. And I think only two people (both people I know) have touched my stomach, so I don’t have too much experience with that, and don’t have any complaints.

The attention that I get is fun, but I also feel like I give more attention to myself. I take better care of myself, pay attention to what I eat, and when I am working too hard. I think the attention that I give myself is almost more significant that the attention I receive from others. Never have I thought too much, or paid attention to myself, so it is nice to finally be doing that. Hopefully I can carry that over after this baby is born and throughout my life so I can continue to be healthy and happy.

Baby is a Portable Heater

If this baby was due in the summer, I am sure this would be on the other list. Thank God she is a winter baby.

I am normally freezing constantly. I always have a blanket, my hands are like icicles, and my poor husband has to deal with me cuddling with him at night when he complains about being too hot. Now, I am perfectly warm, and everyone else around me is complaining about the freezing temperature. My husband is freezing in the bed, and is always needing extra blankets - when I am fine with just one. Being warm is nice for a change. :D

I am sure things will change for my next pregnancy… and there is also another month to go!
For all you ladies who have been pregnant before, what are some things you LOVED, and some things you HATED about being pregnant? I would love to hear them and compare!

~Everyday Joey~

Best and Worst of Pregnancy

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  1. I agree with most of your best and worst bits there Joey. Although the portable heater would have to have gone on my worst list as I had two babies born in early Autumn (Fall) so I was HUGE in the hot summer months and got overheated and uncomfortable very quickly!

  2. I've never been pregnant but I like the idea of people bringing me food :)

  3. Hahaha yeah - even not being pregnant, people bringing you food is fantastic!!!

  4. I am sure that would be on the total other side of the list if I was due in the summer/early fall too. Having a built-in heater that won't turn off (baby) is horribly inconvenient when feeling hot. I would probably want to peace out and move somewhere really cold all year round.

  5. So true about the portable heater thing. The minute that baby came out I was freezing to death again hahaha

  6. Yeah, worried about that since she is due in the next week... and it's only getting colder!


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