5 Things That Made Me Happy This Last Week

My Happy Five.

Five Things That Make Me Happy - www.everydayjoey.com

I think I might do this every Friday, but since I am super late on finding this group - Tuesday and Friday this week it is! It won't hurt to think about what makes me happy twice this week anyways.

  1. This is Us - I had seen some trailers floating around for it, and finally got to sit down to watch it this week. I cried through the entire thing. There are only a couple episodes so far, but they all bring a bunch of feel-goods. I haven't seen this goodness in a show for years.

  2. Tarako and rice - I loved eating this while we were in Japan, and we happened to find some at an Asian market here! It's been in our freezer for over a month, and I remembered yesterday that we had it. Had it thawed overnight and ate it this morning with some warm rice! Yum!

  3. My electric blanket - in the last couple days the temperature here has plummeted. We walk around the house like blanket zombies when we are home in the mornings. Cuddling on the couch next to husband with an electric blanket on us basically makes my day. Sooooooo warm!

  4. Whole milk - on WIC they have been making me get the 1% stuff (which honestly makes my stomach hurt, and just doesn't taste very good anyways). We ran out and decided to get whole milk with our money. Best. Thing. Ever. Less stomach pain, and it tastes so rich and delicious.

  5. Chocolate milk - basically how I have survived the 1% milk this month. Just add some of that chocolate syrup to it and I am good to go!

What are 5 things that have made YOU happy this last week?

~Everyday Joey~

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  1. Hey Joey,
    Welcome and thank you for linking up with Krysten, Charlotte and I. Feel free to link up as often or as little as you'd like. :)

    Mmmmm electric blankets and chocolate milk are my fave. I see so many others posting about This is Us and I guess I should give it a whirl. Looks good.

    Have a great week my friend! :)

  2. Thank you!!! Let me know how you like the show :D It gets better and better every week.


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