The Little Moving - Jumping - Kicking Baby Squishy

I feel like I am growing… Every. Single. Day. My stomach itches, it feels heavy, and if I eat too much - I quickly regret it. There is only so much room, and this baby squishy is taking up all of it. No more seconds for me!

And this is only going to get worse -_- especially with 12 more weeks to go.


But it is fun every day to feel this little-one moving, kicking, bouncing, punching, squirming… and everything she does to make me smile (unless all the kicking, bouncing, punching is happening on my bladder, or up into stomach or ribs…).

At The Movies

We went to see Suicide Squad the other day, and the sound must’ve been loud enough for her to hear, because with every loud explosion she would jump super high and straight into my stomach. It made me a little nauseous…. But the poor thing jumped throughout the entire movie. 

At Work

And it happened the other day at work as well! I work Housekeeping at a hotel, and they were testing the fire alarms. As if that wasn’t already freaking me out enough, the baby would jump right into my stomach too, and then stayed awake for a half hour or so after each alarm, moving and kicking as I was bending over cleaning and making beds (doesn’t feel that great).


I can see her little punches/kicks from the outside now! See video HERE (taken a few months ago, hopefully I get a better one soon). It is pretty neat. It happens most of the time when I sit down to rest, because that is apparently when babies like to be awake. When I am walking around and working it puts her to sleep (aka: no sleep for mommy, lots for baby).

At My Last Appointment/Harassing Doctors

At the doctors they were checking her heartbeat, and every time they would put the monitor on my stomach, she would kick it right off! They changed to the other side, and I could feel her squirm over - aim- then KICK! She really did not like it, or was just being a butt. She is adorable though. :)

Baby Names!!!

We have a couple names we really like, but how about you guys? Any short, cute names that work with both English and Japanese? I would love to hear them!

~Everyday Joey~


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