Finding Out About the Bun in the Oven (Joey Taking a Pregnancy Test)

So like I said in the last post (HERE) Aunt Flo was a few days late, so I was starting to think something was up… but also, I knew it was fairly normal for me to be a few days late anyways. I had taken a test at 1 day late, and it was negative, and I think I took another one a couple days after with the same result. But the longer it was with no murder scene in my pants I was (surprisingly) freaked out, and worrying that something was wrong with my body - and not actually thinking that I might be pregnant (because all of the other tests said I wasn’t).

When husband and I decided we were going to start trying, we went to the dollar store and bought about five of those cheap tests (I always heard they work great, and are soooooooo much cheaper than the other ones you can buy), and then Keishi went with my friend and bought me another more expensive one when I started freaking out about my body doing weird things (not bleeding…), and thinking I was going to die. I decided to save that expensive one for when I was a week late, just in case I needed more of those hormones in my system to have a more accurate result (and husband made me promise to wait a little longer and not take a pregnancy test every day ← basically the real reason).

About five days after Aunt Flo still hadn’t come, I broke my promise with husband and decided to take one of those dollar store tests again. Since we share a house with our friends, and my friend was out on the couch doing her homework - I came out and told her what I was about to do. She was excited.

Then I went into the bathroom and went through the whole awkwardness of operating a dollar store pregnancy test, and waited a bit. I had seen that even if the second line is suuuuppppeeerrr suuuuuppper faint, it counts as a positive. And after waiting for a minute, my test showed the freaking faintest of lines. Slightly freaking out, I ran out of the bathroom, and into the living room to get the expensive test out of the Wal-Mart bag (because we were too lazy to actually put it away/I didn’t want it in the bathroom to tempt me) and I peed on that stick (so much simpler than dollar store tests by the way). That test showed the extra line, but suuuper freaking strong.

I was pregnant! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I was so excited I started to run out to tell my friend, but then stopped just about before I turned the corner where she could see me, and thought that I should probably tell my husband first, and turned around and went to tell him first.

He was still in bed, but he opened his eyes when I got in the room. I went over to him and said “so guess what, we are having a baby!” his eyes got all sparkly, and he looked at my tummy and touched it. It was basically the sweetest thing ever. He isn’t much for words, but the moment was adorable.

Then I ran out and finally told my friend and we both squealed in excitement for a while. :)

Everyday Joey

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