Baby Moving!

All my posts in the last while have been about baby squishy… sorry, but not sorry. Basically - between work, sleeping, and eating - that is the most exciting thing that is in my life right now.

Except Cocoa Puffs, I have basically been eating those every day for the last couple weeks.

Anyways, a couple of days ago I felt squishy move for the first time! And around 9ish every night, it decides to get really active and does little punches and kicks for a while while I am resting. I am sure it will be annoying at some point, especially if I am trying to rest - but for now, I just get super excited and just sit there and enjoy the little interaction I have with this little baby :)

As far as gender goes, this whole time I have been feeling like this baby is a girl - but then as soon as I started feeling it move, I suddenly started feeling like it is a boy. Seriously no idea. We will know for sure soon though, our gender appointment is set for the beginning of July!

Until then, ima gonna get some more Cocoa Puffs.

Also, strawberries with sweetened condensed milk are delicious - don’t tell my husband.

:) Everyday Joey


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