Videos in Japan

Because I have been in Japan for a while, of course I have taken some videos! It is not much, but here are two cool things that I have seen so far :D

Sweet Potato Truck Video

This video is of a sweet potato truck that comes around sometimes. When we heard it, I had just eaten a big meal, so I was not hungry for a huge sweet potato wrapped in tinfoil... but I haven't heard them since the second day I got there, so hopefully they come around again soon. I really want to try one!

Puppies in the Mall Video

I took a video at the same place in Aeon Mall three years ago when Husband and I got engaged. I begged him to go back here, because the puppies are just so tiny and so cute! This place was unique because (although not shown) there is a place for cats/kittens too!

Just watch their adorableness and wish you live in Japan.


Thank you for watching!

More blogs/videos/pictures will be up soon, I promise! I have a few ideas for the next couple posts :D


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