Hinohara Village, and Husband's Funny Stories

Hinohara Waterfall Trail

This last week, I went to a place called Hinohara Village, and we walked on a trail to see a bunch of little waterfalls. It was a beautiful walk, and super fun! My little niece kept wanting to be carried by husband and I, and sometimes she would walk with us. When we crossed the wood bridges, she would stomp and jump as high and as hard as she could. It was adorable.

This whole place really was beautiful. The hike/walk was super simple (a two-year-old could do it) and there were lots of good spots to take pictures. I also loved driving through the small town to get up to the waterfalls. It was beautiful and amazing - I highly recommend it.

Now to the story....

The Naked Running Man, and His Soft Hair

While walking up to the waterfalls, husband pointed to a grove of trees on the other side of the river than us, and he said that he saw an old man running through those trees. He kept trying to get me to look (I did sneak a look a few times, but I didn’t let him know that), and I kinda knew he was joking. He started telling me how this old man is butt naked, and just runs back and forth through this forest super fast. Whenever I would look away, Husband would say, “there he is again, look! look!”

It was cute, and funny, and he just kept on going. On the way back down the trail, he pointed to the exact same grove of trees and told the story to me again.

Then I picked up some moss from the rocks on the path, and handed it to him (just to be weird and annoying), then he held it up to my face, and whispered... “that's his soft hair.”

“Gross, you mean it’s a pubic hair or something?!” I said.

Then husband whispered back, “yes, but his are soft. While he is running through the forest super fast, some of it just falls off.”

He is weird. (And how he knows that naked old man's pubes are soft... we will never know)

I love him anyways ;)
So friends, look out for the naked running old man in the woods and his “soft hair,” we may see him someday… maybe… hope not.

~Everyday Joey~


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