Three Things and Chocolate

Today I want to post about a few things on my mind.

First, life is so very hard, and you often do not know about what other people are going through. I have had basically the worst week so far in my life, and it is so easy for people to judge. But they had no idea about the extreme pain and loss I was feeling, let alone that I couldn’t make it through a single class without crying.

Second, you can choose to be happy. I honestly believe that, but I also believe in grace periods too. If you need one good day to cry - go for it. It is nice to have that one good day to cry, then to wake up the next morning feeling ready for whatever comes your way.

Third, even if you feel like your life sucks… don't forget that other people's lives suck too. That is always so easy to forget when I am down and lost. I focus on myself and not perhaps on others where I should. It is somehow easier to judge too, perhaps because I feel entitled to the pity of the world, that I do not see when someone is worse off than myself.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel one way or another. Chocolate milk, baguettes and ranch dressing help you get there.

 ~Everyday Joey~


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