I am on Bloglovin'

You can search Everyday Joey and you should be able to find and follow me! :D I love the website because I can follow and read all the blogs I like in one place, and it is easy to work with.

A couple other blogs I am following right now that I enjoy are:

Texan in Tokyo
This is a blog about a Texan woman married to a Japanese man, and their life. She draws comics that show her life in Japan, and are a good balance between funny, and serious at times explaining culture and such.

Hyperbole and a Half
I have only recently discovered this blog, through her book. She draws comics using Paint I believe and they always are absolutely hilarious. There is some swearing at times if that is a problem, so a warning on that. But her blog makes me laugh soo hard whenever I read it.

You can follow the links to their blogs, or you can also enter their names in the search bar in Bloglovin'.


~Everyday Joey~


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