Favorite Songs in July (2015)

I apologize that this post is so late! I have been caught up in life a lot lately, and also have hit a little bit of writer's block. But I am aiming to at least be regularly writing a post a week. :)

Chuwon Chuwon - Sayulee

I ran into this song through one of my favorite YouTubers, Rachel & Jun. I have listened to it nearly everyday since I heard about it. It is beautiful in how it reminds us to be ourselves despite what other people say around us. It is made by a collaboration of different YouTubers: Sayulee who is a singer, SasakiAsahi who does makeup and beauty tutorials, HappyShoot Jacky who is a model and dancer, 木下ゆうか Yuuka Kinoshita who is a competitive eater, Rachel & Jun a vlogger in Japan, and Kumamiki who is a beauty guru and vlogger. They have a perfect combination of unique and wonderful individuals. This brings so much beauty to the music and music video. It really is one of the best, most beautiful and most inspiring music videos I have seen in a long time.

Cheerleader - Omi

I always love a good song that makes me want to get up and dance, and this song does just that. I want to always be the positive supportive wife (like in a real way, not in a way that I am forcing myself, or I am fakely so), but it doesn’t always happen. But I am as much as I can be, and that is what it counts. There are some times where my husband and I are scheming partners in crime, and act like giggly school kids. Just having fun with your significant other and being a person that they want to be around is the best feeling. This song captures this feeling perfectly. I love being my best friends “cheerleader.”

Little Things - One Direction

I discovered this song forever ago, but I forgot about it until only recently. The music video is just the best. It really makes me feel beautiful, knowing that my insecurities - the things that I see as the most unattractive things about me are perhaps the most beautiful things to my husband. For example, I love putting on makeup, and I think I look more beautiful with it on. But my husband loves it a thousand times more when I am all bare-faced. It is wonderful to know that your insecurities and vulnerabilities, perhaps make you even more beautiful.

~Everyday Joey~


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