Meet my Birds - Mochi and Kevin!

I got two parakeets around a year ago from Petsmart. I wanted an animal of sorts in our tiny apartment, but our landlord said we were not allowed anything with hair, or reptile/amphibian type (our first choice was a kitten). When I mentioned birds, our little Filipino landlord got super happy and told us yes. So we got Mochi first, Aka: Shiro Unko Sensei (Japanese for: Teacher White Poop, pretty much three of the only 10 words I know) (Note: Yeah, we normally talk about poop in our house… so its in the top ten, obviously.)

We traveled to the next town over to get Mochi, and my husband actually picked her out for me. He does not like the normal look of parakeets/budgies with the lines on their head, so he picked out the only one he liked – an all white/albino one.

When we got home with her, we were freaking out after a day or so, because she hadn’t touched her food at all, or her water. I guess it is a normal anxiety thing, but it worried us. We tried handling her, but she would freak out all the time.

Sorry for the low quality - but one of Mochi's favorite toys used to be yarn. She would play with it for hours, and carry it around in her mouth like a dog would a bone. It was so cute. 

Eventually I was able to feed Mochi millet by hand, and she would go on my finger and stuff. We could even scratch her head, and she would fluff up and look so happy. But we thought she was lonely, because she would get so loud sometimes, and she got depressed when we took away her mirror (apparently mirrors are bad for them and make them go crazy).
About 4 months after getting Mochi, we decided to go to the pet store and get a boy parakeet as a friend. I guess I got too excited, that I forgot to pay attention to the sex of the bird, and I ended up bringing home another girl. And we named her Kevin J (the name comes from the movie “Up” – “Kevin’s a GIRL?!”

So far, it has taken over a year to handtame Kevin as far as she is, but although she isn’t as tame as Mochi… at least she doesn’t bite like Mochi does. But Mochi just has an attitude, and is so cranky when she is tired.

I love my birds! They are simple, beautiful, and just fun to watch. My husband hated them at first, but I catch him watching them a lot now, and he cannot wait for years down the road when we can get a nicer, larger bird.


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