June 2015 - Favorite Songs

This was inspired by one of my really good friends who used to give me a mix cd every birthday, in a huge manilla envelope along with a thick stack of papers describing what each song meant to her. It was always so wonderful to read what she thought about each song, and then listen to them. It is still one of my favorite gifts, because I always knew it came from her heart.

I am going to try to do this with a few songs every month, some you may know... some you may not. My interpretations may be a little different than the typical, but they mean a lot to me :)

Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith

This song I am sure will forever be my favorite. I know sometimes I struggle with anxiety, depression, PMS, etc. and it makes it extremely hard for my husband to be around me because I am somewhat a monster. But when it would be easy, or even acceptable for him to leave, to find someone who is less sad... he stays, and he loves me. This song reminds me of him and me in these moments. 

While searching online, I was amazed to see the reactions to this song. There were so many men who were struggling with their girlfriends, and were on the way out of the door. They mentioned how this song changed their attitudes about their situation, and got them to stay and see their unconditional love in their significant others. This song is truly powerful how it speaks to the concept of love, and how it inspires individuals to love others unconditionally.

Shut up and Dance - Walk the Moon

Gah. This song makes me want to dance every time I hear it. It is catchy, romantic, snarky, and... I just love it. If I am listening to it, and I am alone - definitely a dance party is happening. Even though I have never had any training in dance, dancing has always been a big part of my life - watching it, going to dances, dancing with my little sisters, dancing with my husband... dancing lightens the heart and allows you to have fun while connection to the music and the people around you. "Shut up and Dance" is something I think we should try to do more often. 

Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNATION

So this, I am sure is probably not a correct interpretation of this song - but it is how I hear it when I listen to it. This song took me many times of listening it to understand it how I did. But once I did, it instantly became my favorite. We all have heroes - people we adore, we strive to be like, and that are basically our "ideal" or "perfect." What (I believe) this song is suggesting is that we kill these heroes (as in we no longer have heroes, role models, etc.) and instead, attain your own perfection. It is so beautiful to me to be able to perfect yourself, without looking and striving to be like another imperfect human being. Since you are looking inward toward yourself, instead of outward, you no longer are controlled by fear, self consciousness, allowing you to be and perfect yourself. You CAN be a superhero, you don't need to just sit there and admire one.

Here is a link to my Spotify playlist of these three songs if you would like to listen to them along with reading this. I will put up another few songs at the end of July!


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