Hello World, I'm Everyday Joey.

I am new to this sort of thing, and I thought it would be a good hobby and a place to put my thoughts, as well as a good place to grow and learn.

I am not particularly good at writing, and I am not very funny either, however, I am willing to share some of my life with my readers if you will listen, and if you so happen to enjoy it.

Some interesting things about me: I am finishing up getting my Bachelors degree in Humanities, which is pretty much the best major I could've ever chosen, being a perfect mix between art, history, English, culture, and music. I recently went on a travel study for a month for my Humanities major. I love being outdoors and hiking, going to the beach, and being indoors and reading and watching Bones, Supernatural, or Doctor Who (among many others). I have two parakeets that are named Mochi (named after the Japanese rice cakes because she is so white), and Kevin (is a girl), and they are pretty much the best even though they are bums, and I am sure just live with me for the food ;).

I have been married to an amazingly wonderful man (AKA on here as "Husband") for about two years so far. He is from Tokyo, Japan, and I am from Washington State. There will most likely be plenty of experiences/perspective from an international marriage on this blog.

I love traveling in general, and I have done quite a bit. I have been to Japan, England, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, as well as some places in the West of the United States. I am also planning on returning to Japan again to live there for a while with Husband. Because basically... Japan is awesome (and I really miss their food).

Many things will probably on this blog. This is my first experience, so bear with me. If you happen to enjoy hearing about these random things, I would be so happy, and please return!

Thank you!
Everyday Joey


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