Five Tips For Traveling Europe

  1. Pack light - If you don’t want to spend tons of money on transportation (I didn’t) you will need to pack light to allow you to carry your stuff for long distances without much pain. Even if you are spending money on transportation, you need to be able to move fast as well, so packing light will better allow you to not miss trains, not hurt your back while you are standing on the train for a long period of time.
  2. Everything that I brought for a month in Europe fit in this backpack (Thank you Otousan and Okaasan!)
  3. Bring a clothes line - While in Europe you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money washing and drying your laundry. If you hand wash it and hang dry it in your hostel before you go to bed, it will be a whole lot cheaper, and less time consuming. That being said, if your hostel does have a washer and dryer, it isn’t a bad thing to use every once and a while (I think hand washed clothes smell funny).
  4. Make a wish list before you even step foot in Europe - I compiled a wishlist of places I wanted to see in each city, what their addresses were, when they were open, any special events going on, and what exactly in them I wanted to see. This made traveling Europe so much easier because I had stuff to do wherever I went, and I knew when it was open, and where it was. I also had a friend research food places, which was genius. I had the hardest time finding good food places, but she had all of the five-star places on her wish list, allowing us to eat the best gelato whenever we went out to eat.
  5. Get lost - I will never forget the times I was lost in Europe. It allowed me to get to know the city better, and as long as I wasn’t freaking out, it was a good learning experience for me. It allows you to take a step back from the normal way you would go about things, and to do something completely different. While I was lost, I found the best stores, the best food, and the best people. I also had time to reflect on my own, and just simply enjoy life.
  6. Don’t let little things ruin your trip - Getting lost, stolen money, rude customer service… all have great potential to ruin your trip. Don’t let them! Remember that the experiences you have are the most important.
Gelato... I miss it so bad. 


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