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From Student Visa to Green Card - Our Story

Please know this is my experience, and how this works is not the case with everyone - and I am no professional on this subject.

This is our journey of applying for Permanent Residency (aka Green Card), from him already having a Student Visa (F-1) for attending an university in the United States. In our case, Husband was applying for Permanent Residency through a family member (Me, his spouse).

*In order to go through this process (and to not get you in big trouble) the marriage has to be a real one, not one that you got for the purpose of getting a green card.*

Husband is Japanese. He and I met while we were attending college in Idaho, where we dated for a while. About a year later while I was visiting Japan, we decided to get engaged. Six months later we got married. All during this process, we were attending college, and he was on an F-1 Student Visa.

Husband, if he had never met me, was happy to have lived his life in Japan (we often talk of just moving, because we both love it, and …

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