What I am Thankful For (November 12-18)

This is what I am thankful for this week – still planning on doing this for ALLLLLL of November at least 🙂


Thankful November - Everyday JoeyNovember 12th – Mini Day Trips

Today we took the time and went to the nearest big town to us (defined as having a mall, and more restaurants that just Applebees). We went to Barnes and Noble and looked at all of their wonderful books, Bath and Body Works (smells soooo good), had Mongolian Grill for lunch, then got some basic shopping done at Walmart. We didn’t buy anything at the mall, but we just had fun. After being out of work, I have been bored to death at home. It was so nice just to go out and hang out with my husband and brother for the day – even if we were doing pretty normal activities.

November 13th – Good Food.

We had a bunch of friends over for a good five hours, where we made Nikuman (steamed pork buns). I was assigned to make the dough, which turned out great – and our friend made the pork filling. We have made this before, but this time it was AMAZING. It was packed full of flavor, and the dough was slightly sweet. Normally we dip in a sauce, but this was so perfect and juicy that I could just eat it plain. So good.

November 14th – Old friends.

My friend from since I was 10 years old stopped by my home today. She brought with her her two sons. It was great to catch up, and to show her my home, and have her finally meet my husband. I am so thankful for friendships can last over years and you are still good friends even though you live so far away.

November 15th – Great doctors.

I have a male doctor for my pregnancy, and so far I am sooooo happy with him. Today was my first day for them to check my dilation, and I have only had a female doctor for a pelvic exam before, so I was a little worried, and feeling a little awkward. But when he entered the room, I forgot all about it, and he did a great job distracting my attention that before I knew it, it was over and I didn’t feel awkward for a second. ALSO. I found out I am 3cm dilated, and 70% effaced which is great – and the doctor and I scheduled me to be induced next week. NEXT WEEK!!

November 16th – Larva.

This show… has problems… but is so incredibly hilarious and funny. When my friend stopped by, her son showed it to us. It has super low ratings on Netflix, but we were all glued to the television and laughing our heads off. My husband has constantly asked to put it on. If you have time – you should check it out (only if you think farting is funny, though…).

November 17th – Patient Husband.

Somehow tonight I got super unreasonably cranky. It must’ve been pregnancy hormones because I was so frustrated that I had no idea what I was cranky about. I just wanted to punch everyone in the face… it was not cool. Possibly it is because of the pain of my hips feeling like they are split into two halves, and this baby not being here yet… but normally I am pretty cool with that. When I got to bed, husband asked if I was okay – and I just told him I was super cranky for no reason, and that that was making me even more cranky (and he didn’t laugh as that sentence left my mouth). In response, he just gave me the biggest of hugs and gave me a back massage. <3

November 18th – Oatmeal (the strawberries and cream kind)

This has somehow been my comfort food the last couple weeks of this pregnancy. It is warm and seems to feel waaaaay better in my stomach than normal cold cereal. And it is easy to make. I have gone through a whole box of it in the last week. So glad we have it still today – but tomorrow I am definitely off to buy more! (there goes our budget for the month -_-)

What are you thankful for so far this week?

~Everyday Joey~

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