What I am Thankful For So Far This November

Since November is the month of Thanksgiving, I want to write what I am thankful for, for every day of this month. With the baby coming, I decided I am going to do it piece by piece. So here is November 1st-11th, the rest is on its way. 🙂


November 1st – Good Friends

We have been sharing our home with our good friends for the last year. We have been through the birth of their baby, seeing her grow up, crawling, walking, talking… sassing. We have been through late night soda runs, potlucks, and problems. Today was the day they moved out, and it made the place suddenly lonely and cold. Glad they only moved to the other side of town, and not super super far away. 

November 2nd – Dish Soap and Vinegar

Since our friends moved out, we needed to deep clean our side of the house, so we could move on their side, and my brother could take over our side. Idaho is HORRIBLE for hard water. To fix this, I found months ago a mixture of 1part white vinegar, and 1 part regular blue dawn dish soap. Spray it on hard water stains (and any other grime) and let it sit for an hour… and it just wipes off! Works better than any cleaner I have ever used in my life!

November 3rd – Food Shopping and Menus

Today we did our monthly food shopping. We have a $100/month food budget, so I planned out a menu, and we bought food accordingly.


Menu - Thankful November - Everyday JoeyEverything is so much more affordable if you plan out the whole month of food before going shopping. I am always happy to have our tummies and fridge full, be within budget, and just go out for a bit.

November 4th – Jane the Virgin

Jane The Virgin -- Key Art -- Credit: © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The show started again!! I didn’t notice for a few weeks, so it was nice once I did, because I could sit down and splurge on the few episodes that came out already. I love the fun – lightheartedness of the show, along with all the wonderful actresses. It was a nice break.

(For those of you who don’t know what Jane the Virgin is… it is about a sweet girl who is saving herself for marriage, who accidentally gets artificially inseminated while at the doctors for a pelvic exam – Awkward, right? Her family consists of an illegal immigrant grandmother and a single mother. The show is a sort of telenovela parody. Genius.)

November 5th – V for Vendetta

Remember, remember!

The fifth of November,

The Gunpowder treason and plot;

I know of no reason

Why the Gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!

V for Vendetta - Thankful November - Everyday Joey

One of my absolute favorite films! We were lucky to all be home, so we sat down and watched it all together – and we even showed it to my brother who had never watched it before (and he loved it too).

November 6th – Church

We went to 4+ hours of church activities this weekend, and they all were an amazing and incredibly spiritual experience. After the last few weeks of non-stop pregnancy back pain… although my back was hurting the entire time, it still was wonderful. We were super blessed today and got invited over for a lovely dinner at a family’s home. It was so nice to meet the wonderful family!

November 7th – 37 Weeks


Ovia - Thankful November- Everyday JoeyToday I met the 37-week mark in my pregnancy, which means I am “full term.” Basically from here on out, if the baby is born it is no longer considered a preemie and should be born great and healthy. Still, the longer she is in there, the better – but still it is a HUGE milestone and makes this whole birth thing THAT much closer! (Image from Ovia Pregnancy app)

November 8th – Voting

This year was the first year I took the time to vote. I felt like I really should this year. So after registering a few months ago, I walked into the local city office and took a few minutes at the booth and voted. Although I still didn’t feel too good after voting (felt like there was no good choice this election), I was incredibly proud that I had the ability TO vote! We live in a country that is free, where women, and other people who were not previously allowed to vote – NOW CAN! Although this election was hard, I am thankful that I have a voice, and that other women can have a voice as well.

November 9th – Good People

One of my favorite movies is My Name is Khan. It is about an autistic Muslim man who goes about trying to convince the President of the United States that he is not a terrorist. The movie pulls at my heartstrings every time. One quote from this movie is

“Remember one thing, son. There are only two kinds of people in this world. Good people who do good deeds. And bad people who do bad. That’s the only difference in human beings. There’s no other difference. Understood?”

That seems to be a big theme today. So many people are scared… I am scared. Despite all the cruelty going around in the world, and how everything is suddenly in extremes, you see little pieces of light floating around too. You see people who are fighting to make a difference, who although things may suck – are trying to stay positive. It’s hard for me to do, and it is so amazing to see all of those people shining tiny rays of light today amongst the darkness.

November 10th – Dates

Today I went with Husband on a date ALLLLL DAAAAAYYY LONG! It was fun! We went to the dollar store and spent over an hour there, finding little trinkets for our car, and rugs for our bathroom. He even let me buy bubblegum (one of my favorite things in this world). We came home and made Sweet Potato treats (a Japanese treat) and they were delicious, and we watched Shanghai Noon for the first time since our Honeymoon. It was a pretty fun, and pretty wonderful day spent with my best friend.

November 11th – Pizza


Pizza - Thankful November - Everyday JoeyPizza is one of the most incredible inventions. It is tasty, and it can be healthy too. I have found that if I make enough dough, we can have it for two days in a row! Topped with mushrooms, spinach, and pepperoni… it’s delicious, especially since it is homemade.

Dominos is good too, though.

What are some things you are thankful for so far this November?

~Everyday Joey~


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