Photo Friday #1

This week has been populated with my little one. Often she insists on being carried, and the one place she will sleep the longest is on my chest (which I love… but it makes it hard to get anything done). She poops, she eats, she poops again… and again. She is a butt, but I love her like crazy. Because of her I barely get any sleep (which is one of my favorite things in this world) which makes me very cranky and cry-ey, but also because of her I found that I don’t even have to know anything about a human being to love them – because I have no idea who she is yet, and yet I love her with my whole heart.


Photo Friday - Everyday Joey - Baby Photo Friday - Everyday Joey - BabyPhoto Friday - Baby - Everyday Joey Photo Friday - Baby - Everyday Joey

Eventually, I will get back to doing my normal posts – but our house has NO internet, so I am having to make do with McDonald’s, and my phone data (which is very little). Next month there will be more posting <3


Everyday Joey

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